• Haircut & Style 75 – 100
  • Blow Out & Style 40 – 60
  • Conditioning Treatment (includes blow out & style) 50 – 70
  • Up style 85+
  • Bridal Up style 120+
  • Colour 120 -150
  • Highlights 130+
  • Colour/Highlights 150+
  • Perm/Straightening Upon Consult.


  • Haircut & Style 45
  • Colour 40+
  • Cover 5 Colour 30
  • Highlights 40+
  • Straightening Upon Consult



Custom hand designed Clip-In Extensions $225+


Afraid of commitment? This is the solution for you!

Perfect for a special event, wedding, or everyday use. Clip-in extensions provide long luscious locks within minutes, and can be easily removed until the next desired application.


How it works:

Upon consultation, we will discuss which method of extensions are best suited to your lifestyle, and if Clip-ins are right for you. Then your hair is colour matched and the best length is selected.

Next, the custom clip-in extensions are prepared for you.

At the final appointment, the extensions are cut into your own hair to blend perfectly. You will also receive a thorough consultation on how to apply and take care of your new extensions at home.

Tape Extensions (Cold Fusion) $350+


If commitment only slightly scares you, these are the extensions for you!

Cold fusion extensions are non-damaging, affordable and offer 4-8 weeks of continuous wear with proper home-care. The seamless, undetectable application takes about an hour and a half. These are perfect for someone who is just entering the world of permanent extensions, perfect for a wedding, vacation and day to day life.


How it works:

Upon consultation, we will discuss the different methods of extensions, and make sure Cold Fusion is right for you. Next, your hair will be colour matched with up to two different colours for the most natural look.


Upon your next appointment:

You will sit back and relax while Louise goes to work giving you the long, luxurious locks of your dreams! The application will take about an hour and a half.

After 4-8 weeks, you will notice that your natural hair has grown out and your extensions are not as comfortable as when they were first applied. At this point you will have another appointment where Louise will remove the extensions with a non-damaging citrus oil solution. Your hair as well as your extensions will be washed, blow dried and prepared for re-application.
The hair extensions will be re-installed and will be ready again for another 4-8 weeks of wear.

Micro-lock (Euro-lock) $575+


Not afraid of good old fashioned long-term commitment? Micro-lock extensions are for you!

Micro-locks are quickly becoming a more popular form of hair extensions because they cause no damage to your own hair! This form of permanent extensions last 3-4 months. No heat, glue or sewing is used and the rings are all coated with silicone, making them very gentle on the hair. The rings themselves come in a variety of colors to match your hair, and lie flat against the head.


How it works:

Upon consultation, you will discuss the different hair extension methods and determine if Micro-locks are your best option. Then your hair is colour matched to provide the most natural look, using a mix of up to two colours.

Upon your Extensions appointment, Louise will spend 3-5 hours applying your new hair while you relax, watch a movie and have lunch and a beverage.

Louise strongly recommends a maintenance appointment every 6-8 weeks or as soon as you feel your natural hair has grown out. This will ensure your extensions are always looking their best. This appointment will take 1-2 hours where she will replace, move, tighten and tidy up all clips and put in any lost strands.

All extension services come with a take home care package and detailed care instructions.


All Location Work Upon Consult
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